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14th EuPFI Annual Conference

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Abstract template available at

Abstract submission guidelines available at

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION DEADLINE for posters only - 30th June 2022. Please note the abstracts are open only for poster presentations. Abstracts submitted after 30th May 2022 will not be considered for oral presentation.


To submit an abstract, the following criteria must be met:

General Guidelines

If you wish to participate for PCCA poster award and EuPFI young Scientist award. Please ensure you have clicked the appropraite boxes in award participation section aboove. Also ensure you have completed the EuPFI young scientist award application.

You should receive the acknowledgement of receipt of abstracts in 24 hours. If you don't get the acknowledgement email please inform us at

PLEASE NOTE DOWN YOUR SUBMISSION ID - you will need this next you need to log into to view the status of your abstract.


Review and Program Committees:



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